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What should I discuss with my ex when it comes to a parenting plan?
What should I discuss with my ex when it comes to a parenting plan?

In essence, these are the elements of a parenting plan:
(a) Decision Making - The parenting plan specifies who makes the major decisions affecting your child.
(b) Parenting Time Schedule  - A residential schedule specifies parenting time for each parent; that is, when the children will be in the care of each parent
© Dispute Resolution - parents identify a dispute resolution process to follow if there is any form of future conflict
(d) Future Changes to the Plan - It is wise to specify how you will go about changing the plans as children’s needs or adults’ circumstances change
(e) Finances -Parenting plans also specify how various child- related expenses will be covered
(f) Any other aspect of the care welfare and development of the child.
I am looking to visit my bank to discuss ideas for starting a small business and they suggested that I might wish to make a plan. Please could you tell me what the plan should consist of and how I would go about writing it?

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