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How should time be split between the two parents?
How should time be split between the two parents?

There is no presumption that a child has to live with both parents for an equal amount of time. The needs of both the children and the parents must be taken into account. The age of the children is very important. For young children, it is important to have contact with each parent more frequently. Older children often like to settle into a home and stay there for several days or possibly a week before they transition to the other home. The location of the school, the children's friends and their activities need to be taken into account.

It may not be in the child’s best interests to spend equal time between both parents in situations such as where the child is very young, the child lives too far away from the other parent, where one parent works away or long hours or where the child may have special needs.

If equal time is not in the child’s best interests and/or it is not reasonably practical, then you need to consider the child spending substantial and significant time with either yourself or the other parent. This includes spending time with the child on weekends, holidays and weekdays, being involved in the child’s daily routine and on important days.

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