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What should be covered?
What should be covered in a Parenting Plan?

The plan should always be in the best interest to the child or children. The Parenting Plan contains the negotiated decisions of both parents regarding the upbringing of their children in respect of the following:

• The most important ethical values and norms to guide both parents’ actions while bringing up the children
• What the financial responsibilities of each parent include
• How access will be granted to parents as well as third parties (i.e. grandparents, new relationships ect)
• Where children will reside primarily, including exceptions made for major holidays, birthdays and any other special events
• How medical care such medical aid coverage, medical consent and medication will be regulated
• How disciplinary issues will be enforced as a shared responsibility
• How disagreements about aspects in the Parenting Plan will be managed
• What names that the child/ren will be called, including nicknames
• How religious affiliation, attendance and religious ceremonies will be conducted
• How the schooling of children will be managed, including language, type of schools as well as extramural activities
• Any other specified aspect of the child/ children’s rearing that has to be considered

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